By Joe Brinkman on 10/30/2008 1:07 AM
WLWBlog I have to say how much I appreciate the great job the new DotNetNuke Blog project team is doing.  For a long time, I blogged fairly regularly on  Ultimately, I decided to start writing my primary blog on my own site and only occasionally reposting to  When I moved to my own site, I also decided to switch blogging platforms.  I needed something which supported many of the modern blogging features.  For me the killer feature is Windows Live Writer (WLW) support. ...
By Joe Brinkman on 10/29/2008 9:46 PM

IHeartOpenID It seems that everyone is jumping on the OpenID bandwagon - kinda.  First came WordPress.  Then Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and now Google.  It seems that all the major internet players now officially support OpenID in one fashion or another.  In almost every case, the major players have really just stuck their toe in the water by becoming OpenID providers.  This means that your accounts on all of these services have now become valid OpenID tokens.  This is great news but it is not enough.

For most users, getting an OpenID account has never been a problem.  Anyone who wanted to use OpenID could easily have signed up with MyOpenID, MyID, ClaimID, Verisign or many other OpenID providers.  The real challenge for most users has been finding a site that accepts OpenID.  The list (also another one here) of sites that accepts OpenID is growing.  However, if you peruse those lists you will notice something missing.  Namely, what you won’t find is WordPress, or Yahoo, or AOL or Microsoft or Google on the list of sites accepting OpenID.